S.J.K.(C) Jeram

Our 3D routed dimensional lettering is the highest quality available. 3D letter signs three-dimensional

effect is one of the best to present the 3D sign letters which can help to improve the outlook by using Aluminium with Paint finishing.

Signboard base size is 2 ft(H) x 20 ft(W).

Chinese font size : 18 inch(H) x 12 ft(W). Total length is 12 ft.

Install at Wall and located at Jeram Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.

3D Letters stand off the walls to grab your attention. High attention, High impact, High quality.

It come in several different materials, such as Aluminium with Paint Finishing.

Signboard base size is 6 ft(H) x 20 ft(W).

Chinese font size : 10 inch(H) x 22 ft(W), Total length is 22 ft.

Install at Iron Plate and located Jeram Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.