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Screen Location : Caltex Bandar Laguna Merbok, Persiaran BLM 6/2, Bandar Laguna Merbok, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Sungai Petani is a town in Kuala Muda District, Kedah, Malaysia. Sungai Petani is Kedah's largest town and is located about 55 km south of Alor Setar, the capital of Kedah, and 33 km northeast of George Town, the capital city of the neighbouring state of Penang. The screen is situated at Laguna Merbok, Sungai Petani and this screen is installed on the shop lot building. The screen is targeting traffic entering to the shop lot in Laguna Merbuk. Thus, a lot of people will notice the big and bright LED screen.​The significance of LED advertising is its eye-catching capabilities. The bright messages will capture the attention of the passerby. The LED screen that is placed on the top of buildings and bridges is much more visible to the public. By fully utilizing the advantage of the LED screen advertising will help firms to increase customer base.

Kedah also known by its honorific Darul Aman or "Abode of Safety" is a state of Malaysia, located in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia. The state covers a total area of over 9,000 km², and it consists of the mainland and the Langkawi islands. The mainland has a relatively flat terrain, which is used to grow rice, while Langkawi is an archipelago, most of which are uninhabited islands. Kedah is the 8th largest state by land area and 8th most populated state in Malaysia and a population of 1,890,098. To the north, Kedah borders the state of Perlis and shares an international boundary with the Songkhla and Yala provinces of Thailand. It borders the states of Perak to the south and Penang to the southwest. The state's capital is Alor Setar and the royal seat is in Anak Bukit. Other major towns include Sungai Petani, and Kulim on the mainland, and Kuah on Langkawi.

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