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Subang Jaya Signage Contractor

LED 3D Letters Signage Contractor

LED signage is a sign made using of the led lights. Now, our company are offering a wide range of LED signage with variety of features such as the  LED font-lit, LED back-lit, LED side-lit, LED exposed and LED light bulbs. Customers are welcomed to make the signage based on their own preferences and requirements. 

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LED Frontlit

 A bright, strong and amazing signage is able to present by involving the LED front-lit with the signage.

LED Frontlit & Backlit

Both front-lit and back-lit can helps to make the signage looks visible and easy to be view by people from a far distance.

LED Backlit

LED back-lit signage able to bring a special visual sense and feeling to people especially at night.

LED Exposed
Signage with the features of LED exposed can helps to increase a company's image.

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

Signage with front-lit and side-lit also available in our company to be chosen by our beloved customers

LED Light Bulb

Signage with the LED light bulb-designed is able to show the 3D effects and then attract people attention.