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Petaling Jaya Signage Contractor

LED 3D Lettering Signage Contractor

We provides a wide range of eye-catching and energy efficient LED 3D lettering signage contractor to commercial, school, industrial, and governmental markets. We are passionate for helping you to design customized LED signage to make your company looks charming. Trust us and do not hesitate to contact us, we believe that the products we produced and the service we rendered are in excellent level.

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LED Frontlit

LED front-lit are bright, strong, and eye-catching which able to capture clients attention.

LED Frontlit & Backlit

 The combination of front-lit and back-lit showing more brightness and more visible by people.

LED Backlit

Signage with the LED back-lit can helps lighting up a hidden brightness with softer light to enhance the company outlook beauty. 

LED Exposed
Signage with the features of LED exposed definitely will helps you to get your customers attraction.

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

Signage with front-lit and side-lit also available in our company with different design and colors.

LED Light Bulb

Signage with the LED light bulb-designed is able to capture the attention of public due to the authentic look.