Signboard License

A signboard or signage license is compulsory for those who wanted to install a signboard or signage in front of your premise. 
For those who install signboard or signage without legal permission will get caught with violation of law 
and probably will be given a summon bill. So you better get a signboard or signage license 
to avoid these entire disturbances. The reason that you need to applying signboard or signage license is to 
gain permission from the authority to ensure you install your signboard or signage in a legal way. 

Business Premise License

Before a business can legally start operating, businesses are required to comply with some form of licensing, which could be a general licence, 
an industry/sector specific licence or activity specific licence. Business licences are required by the legislation and
 administered by various government agencies, 
statutory bodies and local authorities. Business licences includes registrations, 
approvals, licences and permits. 
The compliance requirements vary by industry, business activity and location.
Business premise license permits regulate safety, structure and appearance of the business community. 
They act as proof that your business follows certain laws and ordinances. 

Partition Renovation 
Building Plan Approval

Partition building plan drawing is a construction drawing that indicates the placement and type of all new and existing partitions and doors
Whereas renovation helps you in improving or enhancing a broken, damaged, or outdated structure of your house. 
But bare in mind, you still need to get these plan approval before start building your partition or renovation.
If you did not get these plans approved by the authority, they have the rights to stopped your construction anytime and fined.

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