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LED 3D Lettering Signboard

Featuring LED signs making which available in mono-chrome or full colour design. 3D dimensional LED box lettering used in advertising your personal business, event and etc. Effective and efficient in portraying your business brand. Our company is expert in creating suitable LED signs matching with colours which suits your business nature to deliver your brand more appropriately.

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Ipoh Signboard Company​


LED Channel Letters Signboard

LED Frontlit

Strong light and beam design suitable for those who want to make the LED sign brighter.

LED Frontlit & Backlit

Combination of front-lit and back-lit design creates a fun atmosphere for your brand wording.

LED Backlit

Creates a mystery light beam from the back in order to enhance the brand wording.

LED Exposed

Exposed LED design gives a fun and funky theme for your business brand. It adds up extra decoration to the letter compare to the ordinary one.

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

This design is suitable for those who wants to create a bright LED signs to catch more attention.

LED Light Bulb

Round or oval shaped light bulb exposed and torches the indoor surrounding and creates a more artistic and creative atmosphere.